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Sleep No More X Universal Studios Release Baby & Kids Organic Baby Clothing

Find amazing Organic Baby Clothing By Sleep No More

Sleep No More have recently collaborated with Universal Studios on a release with old retro vintage nostalgic movies from our childhood! 


Among these amazing films are: Jurassic Park, JAWS, Back to the Future, ET and even the old Universal Monsters! Find out more in this article. In this article we will introduce amazing Universal Studios Organic Baby Clothing

JAWS Kids and Baby T-shirt

'ET Phone Home' Baby Grows, T-shirts and Organic Baby Clothing

Sleep No More

JAWS Kids and Baby T-shirt

My personal favourite is the E.T. (Extra Terrestrial) amazing Organic Baby Clothing vintage film of all times. One of Steven Spielbergs greatest all times hits, will always be one of my best childhood films. The recently released Stranger Things - takes many elements from ET, taking us back to the childhood memories.

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Trousers
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Baby Romper

Anyway, the most amazing Organic Baby Clothing prints in this collection is the Extra Terrestrial 01, it has the ET Phone home theme with the words “Phone me Maybe” just like the Carly Rae Jepsen song - ‘Call Me Maybe’. It is a great comeback for the ET phone slogan! 

Another great print from the ET collection is the ET with the woman’s clothes with the slogan: “Be Amazing”. You can find the bodysuit in this link Extra Terrestrial 02. 

The ET collections also has the purple galaxy feel print Extra Terrestrial 05 and Extra Terrestrial 03. 

Amazing Organic Baby Clothing by Sleep No More. 

Beach Closed Shark Baby Grow Organic Baby Clothing

JAWS Kids T-shirt
JAWS Kids Track Shorts

A summer 2021 release was the JAWS Collection. Now you can find timeless vintage all time Jaws Organic Baby Clothing, from T-shirts, onesies, baby trousers and even dresses from this amazing organic clothing collection.
Again - took a more artistic angle to design this collection with transforming the one sea to a swimming pool and the swimmer is an olympic swimmer. This print was nominated for an award for best design of Universal Studio awards. You can find this design in this link. 

There are more amazing prints in this collection and you can find them all here. 

By the way, almost forgot to mention that the JAWS collection includes a few prints for the category of JAWS Christmas sweaters. 

JAWS Kids and Baby T-shirt

If you are searching for a shark dress, you got to the right place! Check out this amazing Dress Collection of Vest dresses and basic long dresses by, there are so many options to choose from for all organic cotton super soft touch. This collection comes in 3 types of dresses, the sleeveless summer V-Dress, the one short-sleeve Line Dress, and the basic long sleeve dress all available from 12 months to 6 years. For this line, has 4 size options available, 12-18 months, 18-24 months, 2-4 years old, and 4-6 years old. 

'Nobody calls me chicken' baby and kids Organic Baby Clothing

Back to the Future Baby Romper

The next collection is also in the retro vintage baby clothing category. The Back to the Future release is out now. Find baby-grows with the Delorean on them, Doc and Marty baby clothing and Out-of-time baby and kids clothing. This collection of organic cotton 100% GOTS certified is available now on at this link. 

Back to the Future Baby Romper

Marty Mcfly Tshirts, the old clock tower rompers, Lightnings and fire marks, Doc and the Delorean girls dresses and baby shorts, this vintage, retro outoftime collection is pretty rare for baby clothing. 

Find all the models in this link: Back to the Future Collection.

Back to the Future Kids T-shirt
Back to the Future Kids T-shirt

Life Finds a Way - Organic Baby Clothing Collection by Sleep No More

Moving on to Jurassic Park - following the Netflix Jurassic Park series released in 2020, Sleep No More have joined up to create this amazing release of baby, toddler and kids organic clothing. This collection includes Dino Tshirts, dinosaur skeletons baby grows, Jurassic Park gate logo dresses and the Jurassic theme park baby bodysuits. 

You can find all these amazing organic soft clothes in this link: Jurassic Park Collection. 

Jurassic Park Baby Clothes

The hype for dino baby clothing is huge in 2021 after the release of the new Netflix Jurassic Park tv show. In this Jurassic Park Collection you can find endless dinosaur bodysuits, Tshirts, dresses, shorts and trousers. 

Even the Jurassic Park logo and the dino skeleton of life finds a way. This collection is a limited edition and is discontinued. Find all the available Organic Baby Clothing from Jurassic Park in this link. 

Jurassic Park Baby Clothes

‘It’s alive’ - Halloween Organic Baby Clothing by Sleep No More

The last Universal Studios X Sleep No More release in 2021 was the All time nostalgic Universal Monster films including some of the most iconic halloween characters of all times: Long. Sleeve Baby grow Dracula, Frankenstein Organic baby T-shirts, Frankenstein and The Bride baby trousers, and even the iconic Werwolf organic clothing collection. 

This collection is inspired by a Universal Studio and Prada release featuring the monsters with Neon prints on black. You can find the collection here: Universal Monsters. 

Universal Monsters Kids and Baby Clothes
Universal Monsters Kids and Baby Clothes

Dracula baby clothing is quite a rare thing when it comes to Bodysuits and Rompers. Sleep No More mani focus is staying nostalgic with parents in their 30-40’s with a bit of humour on the side. For example - on the print of Frankenstein and the Bride Organic Baby Clothing collection - Sleep No More included the words “Love Will Tear Us Apart” by Joy Devision. This print is perfect baby clothing for Valentines, and Halloween baby rompers as it includes both holiday elements. 

Universal Monsters Kids and Baby Clothes
Universal Monsters Kids and Baby Clothes

All the collections above are limited editions and once they run out, they will be discontinued. The entire collection includes all the basic baby clothing needed. Short and long sleeve Baby grows, T-shirts, Dresses, trim Shorts, track shorts, kids trousers and baby trousers. Sizing is from newborn will 10 years old. 

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